About us

My name is Kirsty Nicole, and I am situated near Wickham in Hampshire, UK. I have a variety of rare and traditional poultry breeds for sale; my focus is on the Jersey giant breed.

I have kept Jersey Giants for many years and I also keep a flock of smooth & frizzle pekin bantams, which include:

  • Jersey Giants - Blue, Black, White & Splash
  • Pekin bantam - smooth & Frizzel (in a variety of colours)

You can visit our breeds page to find out more about the breeds that I keep and currently have for sale.

My chickens age from chicks, through to growers and point of lay.

I also have large fowl and Bantam size chickens available.

Please call me on 077344 63254 or contact me through my website to arrange collection of poultry, or if you have any further questions.

Kirsty x